Peckham Rye Music Festival 2017 begins tomorrow!

With Peckham Rye Music Festival mere hours away from beginning tomorrow afternoon, we’ve put together some handy pointers and reminders for you festival goers:

Get down early!

PRMF is a multi-venue festival therefore it’s up to you the festival goer to make sure you’re at a certain stage way ahead of when the act you want to see starts. For instance if you’re hoping to catch Axel Boman on Roof D, you’ll need to get up there when the stage opens at 3pm as the capacity is extremely limited and will no doubt be one in one out shortly after it opens! You’ll also get to party for longer without being stuck in a queue!

Exchange your ticket for a wristband at the box office

No wristband will result in ejection from the site. Ensure you pass through the box office on your way in.

Only bring what you can carry

There will be no lock up or cloakroom available anywhere on site – please bring only what you can carry, such as extra layers for when the sun goes down. We hope that the weather will hold out, but bring a waterproof just incase – as the opening weekend has two outdoor stages in the centre of Copeland Park, if it rains, not everyone will be able to squeeze inside THE NINES, Rye Wax, and Copeland Gallery.

Lost Property

There will be no main lost property tent or centre – each individual venue will have it’s own lost property, so if you lose something, think about where you lost it. If you think you have had something stolen, alert a member of staff or security immediately.

Please leave the festival in groups

It’s a no brainer that some alcohol will be consumed this weekend, so please make sure that all of your friends are safe and accounted for in the festival and upon leaving – leave no man behind. A full list of buses is available on our FAQ’s page, many of which run throughout the night. Security will be present throughout the site, please use them if you have any issues or questions.